Collecting Ceramics

If you are considering collecting antiques, take a look at ceramics. Pottery has a rich history dating back thousands of years.

While you may only be able to visit ancient pottery in museums, finding a piece of pottery that you have been wanting for a long time at a fair price when you are looking through antiques and collectibles can more than make your day.

Your choices in collecting pottery or porcelain are endless. Educate yourself. Read articles on pottery or look through reference books. Visit your local antique store or take a morning to attend an antique show or flea market. When you collect, look for value today, not in the future. Your pieces may or may not increase in value over time. If the value of your collection does appreciate, all the better for you. If the value of your collection does not appreciate, you still have pieces that will give you pleasure every time that you see them.

English Porcelain

    Bow 1744 - 1776

    Bristol (Champions) 1770 - 1781

    Caught 1772 - 1814

    Chelsea 1745 - 1784

    Coalport 1814 - *

    Derby 1750 - *

    Liverpool 1756-1799

    Longton Hall 1752-1760

    Lowestoft 1757-1802

    Minton 1796 - *

    Nantgarw 1811-1822

    Pinxton 1796 - 1813

    Plymouth 1768 - 1771

    Rockingham 1780 - *

    Spode 1772 - *

    Swansea 1814-1824

    Wedgewood 1759 - *

    Worcester 1751 - *