Grand Father Clock

Most of us will agree a Grandfather clock is, when quietly ticking in the home like a member of the family, large or small they have an air of authority. Although most of us do not use them as intended, now they are often bought as decoration, investment, or as a future heirloom and are one of the few items you can purchase that actually appreciate as the years pass by.

However , they were not fondly known as the Grandfather clock until the 1780's when an american - Henry Clay Work, published a song called "Grandfathers Clock" which sold over 80,000 copies!

Since then its original name from the 1660s the Long Case Clock has been all but forgotten, but as one great enthusiast wrote many years ago:

'Commanding of respect: intimate yet so dignified, does not argue but makes a clear statement confirming, with its ticking and tuneful chimes the truth that time is passing. It has the attributes of the ideal Grandfather and is fitly named.'